> Pitch in for the company party 
> Pay back a friend for game tickets 
> Send your sister birthday money 
> Collect money for a group gift 

About CheckFree E-mail Payments Service
CheckFree Corporation offers this E-mail Payments service directly to consumers. The service is not a full online banking and electronic bill payment application such as those offered by other providers. This service is limited to sending and receiving e-mail payments only. If you are interested in full online banking and electronic bill payment capabilities, you can enroll with another provider.

The CheckFree E-mail Payments Service enables you to receive and
send money electronically to or from anyone, anytime, anywhere,
using your checking account or other bank accounts you already have.
There is no need to open or pre-fund an account to participate. Anyone
with a U.S. bank account and internet access can enroll.

Pricing Information:
CheckFree E-mail Payments Service follows a transaction-based pricing
plan and does not carry a monthly subscription free. This means you
only pay for what you use. See below:

  Receiving Money:
Receiving money from other subscribers is FREE.

Send Money:
Your first three transactions every month are FREE, and each additional transaction is 50.

Inviting Family, Friends and Co-Workers to Enroll:
You can always invite people to enroll in E-mail Payments for FREE. Also, if you send an invitation and include a payment within the invitation, this will not count against your three FREE transactions per month.