How the E-mail Payments Service Works
E-mail payments allow you to exchange money with others using
e-mail. You are either the sender or the receiver of the money.

If you are the sender, it means you are enrolled with either a
financial institution or a Web site that offers the e-mail payments
service. To e-mail someone money, you only need to know their
e-mail address and their name. The money you are sending is
withdrawn from your bank account that you selected when you

If you are the receiver, it means you are also enrolled at either
your financial institution or at a Web site that offers the e-mail
payments service. The money you receive will be deposited into
the bank account that you select when you enroll.

What it Costs
When you enroll with an E-mail Payments Service Provider to collect
your payment, you are actually enrolling in the provider's full Online
Banking application. Each provider sets their own Online Banking
pricing, which ranges from FREE to $7.00/month.